Great balls of fire


chinese lamps, paper lanterns, singapore

What: Chinese lamps (imitating the original paper lanterns) on the Esplanade along the waterfront
Where: Singapore
When: September, 2013

Photo credit: Amrita S
Camera: Apple iPhone 4s

Traveller’s tale: During the Moon festival that falls in September, it was celebrated in the city-state with Chinese opera shows, Chinese chess etc to highlight their heritage. Parts of the city’s waterfront was beautifully lit up with these lights.

Boatmen on the Ganges


Dawn boatmen Ganges Ganga

What: Boatmen at dawn on the river Ganga (Ganges)
Where: Varanasi, India
When: September 2012

Photo credit: Madhura K
Camera: Samsung SIII (phone)

Traveller’s tale: At dawn, the boatmen ferry visitors and believers, alike to the ghats for the morning ‘Aarti’ (commonly known as the Ganga Aarti) at the Dashashwamedh Ghat.

Starry, starry nights


starry nights

What: Christmas/ New Year decorations on the streets
Where: Mumbai, India
When: December 2013

Photo credit: Rimi D
Camera: iPhone 5 (phone camera)

Traveller’s tale: While there were far brighter and expensive decorations during the season, these were by far the prettiest. In the dark of the night, they seemed to be floating by themselves in the sky. Beautiful!

Varkala, India


We That Travel:

Gorgeous works of art by Ukranian duo Interesni Kazki. I came across their wall murals in a post by Toemailer.

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Originally posted on toemail:

mural on side of building in Varkala, India

While in Varkala, near the southern tip of India, we saw some pretty rad murals painted by a couple of Ukranian world-travelling street artists. They were sprinkled about the town in very unremarkable places, with no directions or explanations. We wouldn’t have known a thing about them if it weren’t for our hotel owner at The Kaiya House.

The first one we saw was this elephant fish, and I admit it didn’t stand out to me at first. The colours and characters were very similar to work by local artists. But the longer I stared the better it looked. It was inspired by India, but it  wasn’t stereotypical Indian.

mural on side of building in Varkala, India

I’m no art expert, but I can tell it leans towards the surreal, as opposed to the realistic depictions of monuments like the Taj Mahal, or the dense and elaborate illustrations of Hindu stories. The smoothness of the surfaces and shadows…

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