Gorgon’s gaze


basilica cistern gorgon medusa

What: Medusa’s head supporting a pillar in the Basilica Cistern
Where: Istanbul, Turkey
When: June 2014

Photo credit: Steshia M
Camera: HTC One (phone)

Traveller’s tale: Medusa is the Gorgon from Greek mythology who is depicted as having the face of a hideous woman with live venomous snakes in place of hair. Their origin here is unknown, though it’s speculated that they were brought here after being removed from a Roman building. Tradition has it that the blocks are oriented sideways in order to negate the power of the Gorgon’s gaze.

Maximum city


wallart, mural, Mumbai

What: Artist’s interpretation of the Maximum City (Mumbai)? One can only presume.
Where: Mumbai, India
When: May 2014

Photo credit: Poonam C
Camera: LG (phone)

Traveller’s tale: Having moved into a new neighbourhood, I was exploring the lanes on foot when I hit a dead end. But right there in front of me was this colourful & intriguing wall art. The artist’s name or signature wasn’t visible on the wall.

Taste of India


simla, food poster

What: One-stop shop for a ‘popular’ taste of India
Where: Shimla, India
When: July 2013

Photo credit: Rimi D
Camera: Canon Ixus 30

Traveller’s tale: I thought the food poster was common yet interesting and there was a beautiful old world charm to it :). These large boards advertising an eatery’s specialities were fairly common across India. Now a days seen only in the smaller towns. The boards have more or less disappeared in larger cities.

Straddling border lines


border, myanmar, india, konyak

What: Boys of the Konyak tribe at the border between India and Myanmar
Where: Nagaland, India
When: October 2013

Photo credit: Steshia M
Camera: HTC One (phone)

Traveller’s tale: At Longwa village, Mon district, the Konyak tribes settled here straddle the border between India and Myanmar. Seen in the photograph is ‘Border Post 154′.

 Articles for more information:

1. Konyaks: The tattooed headhunters of Nagaland

2. Going Head to Head

Great balls of fire


chinese lamps, paper lanterns, singapore

What: Chinese lamps (imitating the original paper lanterns) on the Esplanade along the waterfront
Where: Singapore
When: September, 2013

Photo credit: Amrita S
Camera: Apple iPhone 4s

Traveller’s tale: During the Moon festival that falls in September, it was celebrated in the city-state with Chinese opera shows, Chinese chess etc to highlight their heritage. Parts of the city’s waterfront was beautifully lit up with these lights.