Panda gone bad


angry panda gelata tower street art istanbul

What: Street art against the backdrop of the Gelata Tower
Where: Istanbul, Turkey
When: June 2014

Photo credit: Steshia M
Camera: HTC One (phone)

Traveller’s Tale: I think the artist is Leo Lunatic. There’s no signature visible on this photograph but Leo Lunatic has been credited with creating our Panda friend across Istanbul. Street Art in Istanbul is all the rage. It’s everywhere across the city. Take a look for yourself here. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the city, take a walk around.

Fishy tales


fishmonger neil island andaman nicobar

What: Fishmonger with his catch for sale on Neil Island
Where: Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India
When: February 2015

Photo credit: Rimi D
Camera: iPhone 5s (phone)

Traveller’s Tale: The fishmonger caught my attention as he was almost running down the road, while balancing the baskets on his shoulders. I had to sprint after him to take this picture but he took no notice of me. I didn’t even get a chance to ask him what species of fishes he was selling.

Continuing the Christmas magic


xmas laser show on melbourne town hall

What: Christmas time laser projection at the Town Hall
Where: Melbourne, Australia
When: December 2014

Photo credit: Farah N
Camera: iPhone 5s (phone)

Traveller’s Tale: The X’mas laser show on the Town Hall was spectacular…extremely colourful and animated with Santa and the elves, Pinnochio and other characters. Here’s a video of the show.

Beat it, evil one!



What: Tree with talismans to ward off the evil eye
Where: Cappadoccia, Turkey
When: June 2014

Photo credit: Steshia M
Camera: HTC One (phone)

Traveller’s Tale: Glinting blue glass eyes are seen hanging off trees in Cappadocia as a protection against the ‘evil eye’. I saw them everywhere and a pretty sight it was. They are also known as nazar boncuğu in Turkey. I did wonder why the interesting looking armchair was placed under the tree? Was it left there strategically for photo ops or left behind like numerous other household articles around & on the tree?

Basilica on the hill


church mount mary basilica

What: The altar at Mount Mary in Bandra
Where: Mumbai, India
When: December 2013

Photo credit: Rimi D
Camera: iPhone 5 (phone camera)

Traveller’s Tale: The Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, popularly known as Mount Mary, has been around since the 16th century. It’s a place I definitely make my way to whenever I am in the city – for its peaceful & serene ambience & a spot of celeb-gazing (if I’m lucky). More…