Monthly Archives: March 2013

Shaking a leg


flashmob in Seoul

What: A flash mob on a busy street in Myeong-dong
Where: Seoul, South Korea

When: July 2012

Photo credit: Rimi D
Camera: Canon Ixus 130


Donkey taxis


donkey taxis in greece

What: Sign advertising donkey taxis and their care
Where: Santorini, Greece

When: April 2011

Photo credit: Amrita S
Camera: Nikon D90

Traveller’s tale: Donkeys can be hired to carry you down from the city of Santorini to the harbour, tracing the mule tracks to the old port of Fira. We ourselves did not take the taxi but were happy that the authorities seem to make sure the donkeys are cared for. Fingers crossed. 🙂

Bird’s eye view


Golden Buddha at Dambulla in Sri Lanka

What: Top of the Golden Buddha statue as seen on the hike upto the Dambulla caves

Where: Sri Lanka
When: May 2011

Photo credit: Poonam C
Camera: Sony DSC – T10

Traveller’s tale: The huge golden Buddha statue rests at the entrance to the Dambulla caves. As we climbed higher, we realised how high the statue really was. The crown of the statue’s head towered above the tree cover surrounding it. The Dambulla caves further up were certainly worth the climb.