Monthly Archives: April 2013

Here comes the sun


rishikesh sunrise

What: Decreasing shadows across the hills as the sun rises
Where: Rishikesh, India
When: June 2012

Photo credit: Rimi D
Camera: Canon Ixus 130

Traveller’s tale: On the banks of the Ganges at Rishikesh, the early morning view of green hills being gently warmed by the rising sun while the river flowed noisily at our feet.


Original fakes


humour shop sign goa

What: Shop sign indicating imitation goods

Where: Goa, India
When: September 2012

Photo credit: Amrita S
Camera: Nikon D90

Traveller’s tale: A store along the market towards Baga beach, advertising its wares with great confidence. Where else but in India!

Ribs of stone


Ellora cave 10 vishwakarma

What: Vishwakarma (Carpenter’s) Cave at Ellora

Where: Maharashtra, India
When: October 2009

Photo credit: Poonam C
Camera: Sony DSC-T10

Traveller’s tale: Over a 1000 years old, at the very least, the Ajanta and Ellora caves were jaw-droppingly astounding in their workmanship and vastness. A UNESCO World Heritage site, numerous rock-cut caves of Jain, Buddhist and Hindu religions co-exist here.

A warm glow


candles Barcelona church

What: Candles lit by worshippers in a church
Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: April 2011

Photo credit: Amrita S
Camera: Nikon D90

Traveller’s tale: The warm, mellow glow from beautiful candles lights up this church in Barcelona, not only at the main altar but also along the sides where the many saints are depicted. A familiar sight in churches all across Spain.

Past & present


Windmills in Greece

What: 16th century windmills against a clear blue sky
Where: Mykonos, Greece

When: April 2011

Photo credit: Manish S
Camera: Nikon D90

Traveller’s tale: The windmills are landmark structures on the Greek island of Mykonos. Visitors in their 21st century cars jam the road to the ancient buildings, forming an interesting contrast.