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Won’t you come in?


Bangkok Palace mural

What: Mural on the walls of the Grand Palace
Where: Bangkok, Thailand
When: March 2013

Photo credit: Poonam C
Camera: Sony DSC-T10

Traveller’s tale: The inside walls of the palace are illustrated with the Hindu mythological story of the Ramayana. Life size, wall after wall is covered with the epic story. It has amazingly intricate detailing. Partly painted in gold, the murals reflect light. Ethereal!


Comic faces


korea jangseung totem

What: Jangseungs or traditional wooden posts that border Korean villages
Where: Seoul, Korea
When: July 2012

Photo credit: Rimi Das
Camera: Canon Ixus 130

Traveller’s tale: The carved wooden posts are displayed at the National Folk Museum of Korea. Their traditional role is to ward off evil spirits and thereby protect the village. Today, they are used mainly for decorative purposes. For more information on these objects, please read – Fascinating Physogs.