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The havelis of Jaisalmer


My thoughts: Even if you’ve seen these Havelis before, here’s a whole new perspective to them. I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I did. 🙂

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My Favourite Things

Sometimes words are not enough to describe experiences; seeing Jaisalmer’s famous havelis (mansions) was one such experience. It was one of those moments when time just seemed to freeze, and only the mesmerising sight before you is in focus. Imagination takes over in an instant and one just gets transported to times gone by.

Of a time when artists and their art was nurtured and treasured and patronised.

Of a time when artists went unknown and the owners became famous through the very art of building such structures.

And of more recent times when modern tourists must have seen these havelis and gasped with delight at the work. Just as I did and just as I know others will when they see the havelis for the first time.

While I saw most of the havelis from the outside in passing, I did spend some time at the Patwon ki Haveli

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White carpet


kaas, maharashtra

What: Valley of flowers, Kaas
Where: Maharashtra, India
When: September 2013

Photo credit: Steshia M
Camera: HTC One (phone)

Traveller’s tale: A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Kaas plateau is in bloom post-monsoon in India. It’s a thriving ecosystem with flowers, birds, insects and aquatic life during these 2-3 months. Therefore, that much more precious.

Art on glass


stained glass windows Barcelona church

What: A stained glass window in one of the numerous churches in the city
Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: May 2011

Photo credit: Amrita S
Camera: Nikon D90

Traveller’s tale: Can’t remember which church this was, but the stained glass we saw all over the city was breathtaking.