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Row, row…


Along, Arunachal Pradesh, raft

What: Men using an indigenous raft to ferry goods & themselves downstream
Where: Arunachal Pradesh, India
When: October 2013

Photo credit: Steshia M
Camera: HTC One (phone)

Traveller’s tale: While crossing the river near Aalo (also known as Along) via a hanging bridge, we noticed this group of men floating downstream in a raft. They seemed completely at ease travelling on a raft that was made of just logs bound together. We learnt that this was the usual mode for villagers living along the river to travel to the main town, at least one way (downstream). Otherwise, they would most likely have to walk.


Little India


Diwali lights Little India Singapore

What: Diwali lights in Little India
Where: Singapore
When: October 2013

Photo credit: Manish S
Camera: Samsung Galaxy S4

Traveller’s tale: Diwali (or ‘Deepavali’) decorations in Little India are very pretty. The festivities, shopping and lights draw crowds, of all origins, into the area. Little India in Singapore is a neighbourhood dominated by people of Indian origin. It’s a great place to sample Indian cuisine or shop for all things Indian.



warli wall art

What: Warli art on a wall
Where: Mumbai, India
When: July 2012

Photo credit: Madhura K
Camera: Samsung SIII (phone)

Traveller’s tale: Warli are an indigenous tribe in Maharashtra, India who create these art forms. This intricately painted piece was found decorating the wall of a resort in Uttan near Mumbai.