Beat it, evil one!



What: Tree with talismans to ward off the evil eye
Where: Cappadoccia, Turkey
When: June 2014

Photo credit: Steshia M
Camera: HTC One (phone)

Traveller’s Tale: Glinting blue glass eyes are seen hanging off trees in Cappadocia as a protection against the ‘evil eye’. I saw them everywhere and a pretty sight it was. They are also known as nazar boncuğu in Turkey. I did wonder why the interesting looking armchair was placed under the tree? Was it left there strategically for photo ops or left behind like numerous other household articles around & on the tree?


About We That Travel

Indulging in our memories of journeys far & wide. One caveat: photographic memories and tales to tell are a must. With the song from the Dixie Chicks playing in the background, hit the road! "Hit the highway in a pink RV with stars on the ceiling Lived like a gypsy Six strong hands on the steering wheel I've been a long time gone now Maybe someday, someday I'm gonna settle down But I've always found my way somehow By taking the long way Taking the long way around"

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